Day 2


I am struggling to think about anything else but FOOD! I am stronger than food and my will to look stunning is much more appetizing than all the fast foods that’s on my mind right now!

So detox-day 2, I am facing you head on! There is no turning back now! *sipping my water*

It’s Done!


I have been thinking about it long and hard. 1st thing that I realized was that if you want to do something you should just go for it! Thinking, thinking and thinking will make you see too many negatives which wiill discourage you.

I am glad that I have won my mental battle and I am actually doing it! Yippee!!! Okay wait for it…drum roll!!!

I AM GOING TO LOOSE WEIGHT ONLINE! Yep and 01 August 2013 is the first day. Please excuse me, I need to think a bit more about this *bbm can’t watch*